Work in Progress. Development of my own photographic style. First picture dates 2008. Bottom one few weeks ago.  Love to hear feedback.  Talk to me. 
Authentic, Unique, Bold, Triumphant, Erotic, Humane - these are the adjectives my clients use describing my work. 
I myself am drawn to the mix of bold, in your face, calling attention visuals with a bit of a voyeristic POV.  The way you feel, when you witness something glorious, taking up all the space, infusing the air surrounding you with hypnotic  understated flair, the meaning of which you ought to discover yourself. Guiding you on a journey with bold "map markers" inspiring you to fill in the blanks of the journey, making it your own and of those you invite to share it with. Gently fusing into your psyche unbeknownst to you, with pure authentic  intention to push you on your  own journey from then on. Enriching the "I" you identify with, making you be aware. Asking questions, inviting to a conversation without forcing any conclusions upon you. Embracing faculty of volition to make your own. Autonomy and collaboration in one. 
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