Let’s drink Vino and listen to Sade
I don’t drink Vino anymore and rarely listen to Sade, it’s more edm, trap and dubstep for me now. Yet I continue to dwell and think and grow and evolve. Every piece I create comes from trinity of mind body and soul, no matter the physical stage of my life I am at. 
Mixed Media piece 40x60 inches. Original photography face mounted on acrylic glass. Acrylic paint, spray paint, acrylic markers, gel pens. 
Scroll down to see image of the artwork and details along with process of the making. 
The original photo printed on photo paper and  face mounted to acrylic glass ( plexiglass ) in client's interior. I had another one just like it ( three of the ones on the wall, and i painted them over each one differently. You can see others in my projects gallery. 
Process of the making 
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