Artwork Size : 9"x12"
Medium : Strathmore black fine art paper.  Gel pens, neon pens, neon pastels, pastels, acrylic markers, glitter gel pens. Glitter responds beautifully to variety of lighting conditions. Color as seen on select artworks activates and glows in black uv / uv light, revealing additional hidden perspectives of the piece.
To  enquire about availability of the original artwork or limited edition prints for acquisition,  please use contact page at www.marialankina.com.
Original freehand drawing artwork using black & white and black light - uv reactive gel pens. The drawing is a part of the collection of geometric abstract freehand drawing series " Dragons be us" created by me - Maria Lankina,  during travel,  spanning years 2014-2018. Each drawing corresponds with a unique poem written during the period of drawing being created. Sometime it takes a day for both, sometime it takes  a month to create one drawing and one poem. 

Drawings aren't premeditated and nor are poems. Dot plants itself on the paper ( canvas ) with the help of my hands, just like the first word of the poem, my task is to be the instrument of creation and transcend all my life experiences into the art form. In this instance a dot geometric abstract drawing and a poem. 

The first image of the original artwork is photographed by me with ambient available light, second image is artwork photographed illuminated with black - uv light and third presented visual is the video of the drawing on dark wall with the flash light being moved about, so you can experience non artificial multi dimensionality of the artwork as in real life. 
Ambient light illuminated  capture. 
Black Light - UV illuminated capture
Video motion capture of the original drawing. 
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