Maria Lankina working as part of the Art Department production team for music video "Love Faces" directed by Justing Francis for Trey Songz. All abstract art paintings featured in video as part of set decor as well as commissioned " LOVE FACES" mixed media painting appearing as culminating part of the music video - created , leased, and licensed by Maria Lankina. Video had been viewed over 49,477,015 times and counting since the day it was posted on official Trey Song'z youtube channel.
scroll to view behind the scenes and the making of the commissioned art piece 
Original commissioned artwork for the music video ( 8 by 8 feet mixed media ) as part of the leased and licensed artworks for the set design of the music video. Part of music video was filmed in Maria's studio. 
Behind the Scenes - making of love faces mixed media artwork:
Behind the scenes photographs of the production of the film crew and star. More photos will be added soon. Photos taken by Maria Lankina
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