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All my art works and the process of creation  is a  sapio visceral looping spiral, connecting the dots , an intuitive search and discovery of The Self and the The Interdependent Universe - the meaning of life. 

Intuitively creating art and life from the get go, without any formal education in arts and guidance in life  -  “how everything should be done”, I am forging my own path. 

I create, driven by an internal desire to express The Self, to connect with others, guided by inspiration that is always present. My artworks are mostly  never consciously premeditated, subconscious is in charge. The Process of creation is as imperative to the outcome as evolution of human spirit. 

The subconscious had always been in charge of my evolution as an artist as well,  starting out as a fashion photographer, portrait photographer, abstract photographer, art director, creative director, creative consultant, evolving into abstract painter, mixed media artist, poet, freehand geometric drawing artist, now fusing all mediums together, “feeding” one from another and forging into new mediums. 

Exposing my art work to the world via shows, internet etc.,, illuminated by feedback from spectators, ignited curiosity leads me to the unknown.

Non linear thinking and trust in my intuitive process leads me to discovery of science and human psyche ( chaos theory, quantum physics, sacred geometry, Dao, Theory if everything, computation and assimilation of brain function, biology, anatomy and so on to name a few ). All of the above culminates in ever evolving returning spiral loop of discovery and understanding  of the self and the world, and people around me. 

The physical art of creation is a  part of my creative process and is often a performance art in itself ( see video ) 

I can see now why often my artworks inspire references to abstract expressionism and neo expressionism, modernism, futurism, existentialism, tachism, abstract expressionism, neo dadaism, pop art, post painterly abstraction, postmodernism, street art, internationalism, the origins of these and definitions all ring true…

Life permeates art and art permeates life.

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