Abstract Paintings, Abstract Mixed Media.
Please read essential introduction to the creative process in "about" section of my website  ( to your left on behance page ) It will clue you in on what really is going on behind all that I create. :)

Its not a presentation of a particular project, but rather a discourse into part of my practice an evolution as an artist and professional.

Presented objects of art are a part of large, over 200 plus  pieces  body of artworks  created on canvas, paper, acrylic glass etc., with variety of mediums including, but not limited to oil paint, acrylic paint, spray paint, acrylic markers, oil markers, gel pens, paper, photographs, gel transfers.

Below are medium sizes and large scale ( various sizes, typical being - 5 feet by 9 feet )  artworks  created mostly between 2010-2014. 

Select paintings were exhibited in solo and group shows in Miami, FL., featured in articles in press and on the web. Select paintings were featured in curated collections and won awards, including but not limited to:

Online Curated collections :


Saatchi Art :
INSPIRED BY LICHTENSTEIN / Curated by Rebecca Wilson
INSPIRED BY KANDINSKY / Curated by Rebecca Wilson
POP ART / Curated  by Saatchi Art

Saatchi Saatchi Showdown. Selection of curatorial Team. London, UK 
Select paintings were acquired by private, corporate and non for profit collectors.

Collections :
Private Collection, Miami USA
Private Collection, London UK 
Private Collection, Moscow Russia
Private Collection, NYC USA
Private Collection, Boca Raton USA
Private Collection, Chicago USA
Private Collection, Detroit USA

You can view full, regularly updated CV and  Resume on my website www.marialankina.com

To enquire about available for purchase original objects of art, co collaborate, to hire, to license art for variety of projects ( merchandise,  film video set decor  etc ), to feature, to interview and for any other general enquires please contact me via my main website www.marialankina.com  

to shop available open edition prints please visit http://www.feniz.co

to shop limited edition signed and numbers editions please contact via website http://www.marialankina.com
Mixed Media 

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